M1 MacBook Air vs Intel MacBook Air: ULTIMATE Comparison

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We compare the Intel MacBook Air to Apple's new M1 MacBook Air to see if it’s worth upgrading by testing everything from Benchmarks & Thermals to x86 Gaming, Logic Pro & Battery Life!
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In this video, we compare the $999 Intel MacBook Air from 2020 to the NEW $999 M1-powered MacBook Air.

They both have 8GB of Memory and 256GB of SSD storage, but the differences you’ll see in this video are SHOCKING!

We charged both of these MacBooks up to 100% battery, then we maxed out the display brightness and continued to run a TON of performance benchmarks.

We started off by taking an initial thermal reading using our thermal camera attachment for the iPhone, before comparing Geekbench 5’s CPU & Graphics Metal tests.

We then ran the Cinebench R23 stress test and kept a close eye on the CPU temperature, the wattage being used and the fan speed on the Intel MacBook Air.

We also show how well the M1 MacBook Air performs while NOT having a fan at all.

We then tested x86 Rosetta Chrome browsing performance using YouTube and Speedometer 2.0, before showing the Safari browsing performance which is optimized for Apple Silicon.

We also compared the difference between thermals for Zoom Web Conferencing on both MacBook Airs, before running the Logic Pro Music Production benchmark.

Wondering how iPhone and iPad games run on the new Apple Silicon MacBooks? We tested that out as well, including controller support!

Finally, we finished off with League of Legends x86 Rosetta 2 emulated gameplay on the M1 MacBook Air compared to the Intel model, and the difference is nuts!

The battery life differences will blow your mind at the end!

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Timestamps ⬇️
Intel vs M1 MacBook Air - 00:00
Initial Thermals at Idle - 1:22
Physical Differences - 1:57
Geekbench 5 CPU Test - 3:56
Geekbench 5 Graphics Test - 5:22
Webcam and Mic Comparison - 5:47
Cinebench R23 CPU Stress Test - 6:29
Thermal Throttle Testing - 8:15
Zoom Web Conferencing Test - 9:36
Web Browsing Performance - 12:56
Blackmagic Disk Speed Test - 14:00
GFX Gaming Benchmark - 15:17
iPhone and iPad App Gaming Test - 16:06
League of Legends Gaming Test - 19:44
Logic Pro Music Production - 22:07
Battery Life Comparison - 25:28
Should you buy the M1 MacBook? - 26:31

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