Mac M1: 8/256GB is enough! Just use external SSD. Colorii MC25 for M1 Mac Mini with SATA2.5''HDD/SSD

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I filmed over 150 Arm Laptops over the past 15 years here: If you plan to buy an M1 Macbook or Mini on Amazon USA, please use my recommended links below:
M1 Macbook Air $999: (I don't recommend getting anything more than 8/256GB, and Air is better than Pro)
M1 Mac Mini $669: (I don't recommend getting anything more than 8/256GB)
If you buy anything else on Amazon USA, please still use any of my links above, then browse to the products you are buying, as I get the commission no matter what you buy, thanks a lot.

No difference between 8GB and 16GB RAM M1 devices, as I have seen on comparison videos on YouTube such as: (he says performance is same with 8GB or 16GB RAM in Davinci Resolve 17.1 Beta) (about 7% rendering time difference in M1 optimized Final Cut Pro, 3m05 vs 3m20, you really want to pay for 15 seconds faster rendering? editing experience is the same)

For storage, 2TB internal SSD upgrade costs $800 at Apple, I have seen a report that the Sandisk Extreme Pro New Generation 2000MB/s external SSD drives perform as fast if not faster than using an Apple internal SSD upgrade.
2TB ($349): (was $299 around Black Friday, may soon come down again in price)
1TB ($309, not recommended, it was $199 around Black Friday, wait for it to come down again in price or go for the 2TB for $40 more)

For a cheaper external SSD, which probably will perform most likely good enough for you, even for video editing, you may just get a 1050MB/s performance SSD such as one of these:
Samsung T7 500GB ($79):
Sandisk Extreme 1TB ($149):
Crucial X8 1TB ($129):

I bet the 2000MB/s external SSDs are going to get cheaper over the coming months, and to be available cheaply at 500GB or 1TB.

This guy rendered his video edit faster on this external Sandisk SSD than on the internal SSD. Perhaps because the Type-C Thunderbolt3/USB4 port actually has much of the 2000MB/s bandwidth in/out to that external SSD, perhaps even in a way that outperforms doing everything on the internal SSD. If you do want to spend $250 more for 512GB internal SSD, though, here are the links for those:
M1 Macbook Air 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD ($1249):
M1 Mini 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD ($869):

To use more than 1 external display on the M1 Macs, you can use DisplayLink, here is a video about that:
For example using this dongle: USB 3.0 to Dual 4K30 HDMI Adapter:
or any other dongle or dock on a search for DisplayLink:

Info about the USB C Hub for The Mac mini M1, Colorii MC25 with SATA 2.5''HDD/SSD slot featured in the second part of this video:

Colorii MC25 is a USB-C Hub for Mac mini. They released MC25 with Space Gray color to match the Mac mini 2018 with Intel chipset. The new Mac mini 2020 with M1 chipset only have Silver color. So they release the MC25 with Silver color today.

It comes with the SATA 2.5’’HDD/SSD slot, it can enlarge the storage space of your Mac mini, at a maximum bandwidth speed of 10gbit/s though, so that would mean up to about 1000MB/s possibly more, I haven't seen it tested.

Distributors can contact Gennie of Colorii at:
[email protected]
Whatsapp/Wechat/Mobile: +86 150137770

End users can visit Colorii Factory Store at

Gennie also has several Type-C USB Dongles suitable for the Macbook Air/Pro and Mini also, though with maximum bandwidth on them of 10gbit/s for now as far as I understand.

The first part and last part of this video was filmed with:
- Panasonic G9 ($1199 at
- 12-60mm Leica ($797 at
all my G9 with 12-60mm Leica videos are added in this playlist here:

- Saramonic Blink 500 b2, dual 2.4Ghz auto channel hopping wireless lapel microphone transmitters to on-camera receiver ($249 at all my Saramonic Blink 500 b2 videos are added in this playlist here:

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