24 Hours with Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max & 12 mini - For Extremists?

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This is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, what we can finally call Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, as what we got two weeks ago was not quite that, and the same can be said about the iPhone 12 Mini. The regular iPhone 12 is not necessarily what I'd call affordable. Yes, this is pretty much part 2 of Apple’s launch weekend, but this time the approach is entirely different.

See, while those two first iPhones were designed to cater more for the main stream, these two are actually meant for the extremists. Those of you who were either begging for a throwback to the small iPhones of the past, or those looking for the largest and most powerful phone that Apple could make.

I heard many of you say that you were skipping the first launch, either for the bite sized mini, or because the larger iPhone is your Jam.

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