Save Documents on iPhone XS Storage via Files App (How to)

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Do you want to know how you save a documents from file app on your iPhone Storage from iPhone XS, as ot does not show 'On my iPhone' options? Unfortunately you can’t save any important Documents on your iPhones Storage on iPhone XS. There is no ‘On your iPhone’ option in the ‘Files’ App, or you can not choose ‘on My iPhone’ while saving a Document. Don’t worry, in this video we will show you how you can Save documents on your iPhone Storage via Files App on your iPhone XS.

Let's check out in 2 steps how you can save documents on iPhone XS Storage via Files app

First Step:

• Open 'App Store'
• Search for ‘Pages’
• Install It.
• Open it
• Tap ‘Continue’
• Tap ‘Documents’ then Get Out Of the App
• Now open the Document or file you want to save in the iPhone Storage
• Tap on the 'Share' icon
• Tap ‘Save to Files’
• Tap ‘On My iPhone’
• Tap ‘Pages’
• Tap ‘Add’
• And the file or Document will be Saved in your iPhone Storage

Second Step:

You can also create folders to divide your Files or documents separately. To do that

• Open Files App
• Tap ‘On My iPhone’
• Tap Folders icon in the top
• Rename the folder as you wish
• Tap ‘Done’
• After the folder is created, tap and hold the file, then drag it on top of the folder.
• It will move to the folder

So guys this is the way you can Save your important documents in your iPhone Storage via files App on your iPhone XS and sort them in the folders so you could mange them better.

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