One Week With the iPhone 12 Pro

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I've spent one week with the iPhone 12 Pro and in this video i'm breaking down what I like and dislike, what's up with magsafe, and more!

I'm not a fan of mag-safe on the iPhone 12 Pro - it's not very strong.
I like iOS 14 A LOT however i won't be customizing my phone, it takes too much work.
The new glass is SO strong and I haven't scratched my phone yet which is a miracle.
The stainless steal isn't SUPER scratch resistant, so make sure you get a case!

0:00 | Intro
1:00 | iPhone 12 Pro Form Factor
4:30 | iPhone 12 Pro Mag Safe (does magsafe work??)
5:46 | iPhone 12 Pro Camera Comparison
9:00 | iOS 14 Widgets and Customizations @SiriusXM
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