Is Apple Watch Worth It? 5 Ways Apple Watch Improved My Focus & Fitness (Apple Watch Series Part 1)

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Apple Watch helped level-up my mental and physical health over 5 years.
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Summary: I’ve owned all of the Apple Watch models, and I’ve had one on my wrist for 2,000 straight days. The first two Apple Watch models didn't have a defined purpose, they were unbearably slow, expensive, and they required an iPhone nearby at all times to operate. But Apple Watch and watchOS have evolved into an amazing experience. Even if you only care a little bit about your mental and physical health, $199 is a steal for the Apple Watch Series 3.

0:00 Intro
0:53 1. Motivation
3:02 2. Leave Phone Home
4:50 3. Use Phone Less
5:54 4. Apple Pay
6:34 5. Wearable Siri
7:37 Bonus Features
8:20 Apple Watch Downsides
9:35 Who should buy one?

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