iPad Pro 2020 vs iPad Pro 2021 A12Z vs M1 - Bugs & Game Graphics Problems with PUBG Mobile 1.5 on M1

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This video is to show that there are clear problems with the iPad Pro 2021 and its Apple Silicon M1 processor and 8 core GPU when it comes to rendering PUBG Mobile 1.5

In fact similar issues where the M1 processor and GPU in the iPad Pro 2021 can be seen in all the tests and examples I've done where I compare it to the iPad Pro 2020.

In all tests with games such as Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile and here in PUBG Mobile, the iPad Pro 2020 beats the ipad pro 2021 for graphics rendering, resolution and in most cases, frame rates.

This is obviously showing that the graphics battle between the A12Z vs M1 is constantly showing that the A12Z is the better processor for gaming and graphics.

All of my tests clearly show that the best iPad Pro for gaming is the iPad Pro 2020, indeed, the iPad Pro 2020 is the best iPad for gaming full stop.

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