I want an iPhone 12 (...but only if this changes)

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iPhone announcements are coming up soon at the #AppleEvent this week, and as always we're very excited about new products and features! When iPhone X introduced Face ID I wasn't super thrilled but I understood the convenience and security benefits. But using it for 2 years I've found the feature to perhaps better suited in other devices, not my smartphone. Here's a quick chat about why Face ID has been a mixed bag over time.

What do you think? Will you buy an iPhone 12 no matter what? Or will you switch to a phone that uses Touch ID (like iPhone SE or maybe an Android phone with Touch ID).

note: I know that I can use passcode/password instead of FaceID but that option involves typing a password on a large touchscreen which opens security concerns so this is more of a discussion about security options that don't involve displaying your password to nearby people or cameras

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