How to create a portable Windows 10 SSD (Type C) for Mac User [NEW TUTORIAL]

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How to create a portable Windows 10 SSD for Mac User – MacBook 12 | MacBook Air | MacBook Pro
How to install Windows 10 on Mac using an external M.2 SSD drive
How to install Windows 10 via a Windows To Go external drive on Mac

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Hello, everyone.
This is the second video that shows you how to make Portable Windows 10. In the first video, a lot of people asked questions, and there were a lot of errors in the process of making them. With the update of the Minitool Partition program, the Copy Wizard has been revived in version 12.1 and is now ready to copy again. If you failed in the previous video, please watch this video carefully and succeed. The Portable SSD we used this time was purchased at $39.99 from Amazon with a capacity of 250GB. If you want to buy it, please purchase it at the link below. Thanks for watching it.

Bootcamp driver Download:
Windows 10 iso file Download:
Minitool Partition:

For your convenience, here’s the shortcut to watch the video by title

1. The device you need to prepare: 00:23
2. Introduce portable SSD: 01:09
3. Download Windows iso file: 01:29
4. Create Windows 10 into a Flash Drive: 02:12
5. Copy Flash drive to portable SSD: 03:02
6. Boot with portable SSD: 04:12
7. Install BootCamp Driver: 06:28
8. Restart Windows: 08:07

Demo Hardware

Demo Laptop: Macbook 12 2015 core M 8GB 256GB

Demo USB Drive: Sandisk 64GB Flash Drive -

Demo USB Network adapter:

USB Type C Adapter:

Portable SSD:


Wowstick 1F Pro Upgrade Electric Screwdriver Portable 64 in 1 Bit Screw Driver Set

Product Link:

Video Equipment

GoPro HERO8 Black Holiday Bundle:

ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light:

Deyard Aluminum Alloy Case for GoPro Hero 8 Black:

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