Gold M1 MacBook Air (2020) Unboxing

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Aloha everybody, today I am unboxing the M1 MacBook Air in Gold. This is the baseline model that runs $999 without tax. I got this laptop because my MacBook Pro is currently being repaired. However, I fully intend on returning this laptop before my credit card payment is due LOL. I just needed something temporary to do work from in the mean time. Honesty kinda jealous of the performance and keyboard. This laptop performs much better than my Quad Core Intel i7 MacBook Pro 2018 with 16gb of ram. Honestly thinking about making the switch! So far this laptop handles video editing, photo editing, and everyday task with a breeze. It didn’t even heat up while editing/exporting this 4k video and battery didn’t drop below 65%! Overall very impressed! Hope you enjoy the unboxing!

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M1 MacBook Air (currently $899):

Magic Trackpad 2:

Magic Keyboard:

Laptop Stand:

USB-C Adapter:

Echo Dot:

Wireless Charger (updated version):

Monitor: Stolen (borrowed) from relatives house

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