GOLD iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing! Set-up & camera test (iPhone 8 comparison)

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GOLD iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing! Set-up & camera test (iPhone 8 comparison)

I recently bought the iPhone 12 Pro Gold and decided that it would be a great opportunity to film an unboxing/review video. In this video I talk you through the technicalities of the new iPhone 12 Pro (including screen size, the protective ceramic shield with 4x better drop performance, apple’s new and improved camera - Dolby Vision) as well as the overall aesthetic of the iPhone 12. I was really on edge about getting the iPhone 12 Pro silver or gold but ended up purchasing the gold! And I’m so happy with my decision.

This year, apple have also changed the charger from USB to USBC and they’ve also added features like magsafe (which allows accessories to attach to the back of the phone).

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Comment of the day: what phone do you have as of now? and are you interested in purchasing any of the iPhone 12 models? (iPhone 12 Pro MAX, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12)

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