Unboxing My New iPhone 12 Pro Max Gold | Camera Stabilization Test Review| In-depth Details

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About the phone
* Super Retina XDR monitor
* A14 Bionic
* 5G-ready
iPhone 12 Pro Max
6.7 "Super Retina XDR screen. Super fast 5G. A14 Bionic crashes past all other smartphone chips. The pro camera system takes photography in low light to a higher level. And Ceramic Shield contributes four times better protection in the event of a fall.

Pro camera system
The largest iPhone gets the most out of the Pro camera system. A sensor that is 47 percent larger captures much more light in the wide-angle camera. New optical image stabilization stabilizes the sensor instead of the lens, so that images are taken steadily. With the new 65 mm telecom camera, you can zoom in even closer on portraits. Now both the ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle cameras get Night mode, and are better than ever at taking great pictures in low light. The wide-angle camera lets in 27 percent more light, which provides a more detailed image with a sharper focus in all lighting conditions. 2.5x optical zoom in the new 65 mm telecom camera makes it possible to see all the details up close.

Movies like a pro
iPhone 12 Pro max goes from 8- to 10-bit HDR recording with 700 million colors for more lifelike video. Then it goes a notch further, with recordings in Dolby Vision - the format used by film studios. You can even edit Dolby Vision video and use AirPlay to see every little difference on big screens.

5G speed
5G transforms iPhone with faster mobile data and better performance on heavily trafficked networks. Now you can download huge files on the go or stream movies in HDR quality. And. You. Slipper. The hacking. iPhone also has the most 5G band of all smartphones - so you get better 5G coverage. All this speed opens up incredible possibilities for the apps of the future.
Increased speed
The A14 Bionic is the industry's first 5-nanometer chip, with advanced components that are only a few atoms large. 40 percent more transistors ensure increased speed, efficiency and battery life. And a new image signal processor makes it possible to record in Dolby Vision - something no professional film cameras, and absolutely no other phones are capable of.

Source: www.apple.com

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