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ANSWERING ALL QUESTIONS: Unboxing of GF65 thin 10sdr-645US, We do a GAMING TEST, Design and Feature, will show you how to upgrade the machine, Teardown, Dismantlement. Thermal and sound testing.

We start with an unboxing of this msi gaming laptop then I show you how to do the upgrades step by step. We also have a detailed gaming test where I show you how this machine performs. The thermal testing is done with a flir camera system.

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All of the games tested ran really well if you want me to test a specific game leave a comment below and I can get it tested for you!

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This MSi gaming laptop is under 1000 USD and is considered a mid tier machine. The i7 and gtx 1660 ti work really well unfortunately there is only 1 stick of 8gb ram 2666mz. Check out the links below for RAM and SSD upgrades:

SODIMM DDR4 8gb 2666mz Purchase link:
SODIMM DDR4 32gb 2666mz Purchase link:

The Msi gaming laptop gameplay features grand theft auto 5, counter strike global offensive, RUST, rocket league and PubG. The reason this laptop is best for students and gaming is because you get fairly good specs for a low price and you could use this for content creation if you are an enginner or if you are student it is very good budget gaming laptop.

Dont forget to check out the end of the video where I talk about my msi gaming laptop setup. We got sponsored with a high quality laptop stand by a brand called Boyata

Purchased at Walmart for $900 USD
Color: black
led panel: 15.6 FHD anti-glare ips-level 120hertz refresh rate
CPU: intel core i7-10750h processor
VGA: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 Ti, GDDR6 6gb vram
HDD: 512GB M.2 PCe SSD
Battery: BTY-M6K 11.4v 52.4wh 3CELL

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00:00 Unboxing
01:10 Design and Features
02:46 Ports i/o
03:25 Gaming TEST: Pubg, Rocket League, CS:GO, GTA5, RUST
06:46 Teardown, Upgrades Tutorial RAM & SSD
10:44 Speakers
10:58 Temperatures
11:40 Sound Testing, Thermal Imaging
12:22 Insane MSi Design Savings
13:05 Display 120hz SDR 1080p
13:57 Trackpad
14:35 Keyboard
15:22 Recommended Accesories
17:54 Thanks Sponsors: Andobil & Boyata

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I have done gaming tests on
2015 macbook air and the pro 13, 15 and 16*,
12" macbook
2020 macbook air,
2015 dell xps 13 & 15.
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