Blu Jasmine w/ 5 Girls (F&F After Hours)

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0:00-0:56 Announcements
5:16 Ladies Introduction
7:17 Blue Jas apologizes on air to F&F? A CLOSE FRANK CASTLE moment!!
9:17 Ladies introduction continued
10:16 Superchats
12:35 Ladies: What is a “no-no” that would make you leave your man right away?
18:11 He was bisexual?
18:49 Superchats
19:13 What if the guy is paying all of the bills? “Touch N Go” responds
20:10 Blue Jas and other girls weigh in; Blue Jas mentions she’s been proposed to 3 times SMH
22:28 Girl mentions she’s into the “RP”??? Show ALMOST ends lol
23:06 Women aren’t built to lead
24:13 What do you think men want in women? Some CAPPING
26:41 Myron breaks down what men want in women
29:09 Superchats
31:16 Myron talks about male cheating with the “engagement” analogy/Touch N Go does some heavy CAPPING
35:58 Commitment for men and women is very different
39:41 Men cheat to have sex/Touch N Go CAPS
41:48 What makes him inherently valuable? Blue CAPS come out!
43:52 Female versus male game
45:06 What percentage of men are sexually active with girls? Lock and Key analogy
48:26 Every guy has 2-3 girls?? Touch N Go CAPS and Blue CAPS come out again
51:36 What do you look for in a guy for a one-night stand vs an LTR? The blue CAPS STAY ON!!
58:25 Superchats
1:00:01 If you had a choice to stop working and be with a millionaire would you do it?
1:01:54 If a guy breaks up with you, he should still pay for your lifestyle?? BluJas breaks it down SMH
1:03:58 If a man is dealing with you he wants sex
1:05:25 Severance is a privilege and NOT a right/Blue Jas takes a left
1:09:09 If a guy breaks up with you he should still pay for your lifestyle continued
1:10:58 Most breakups are initiated by women
1:12:11 It’s NOT finessing?? You just can’t make this stuff up…
1:13:15 Superchats
1:14:24 “A duty to service their community??” OMG the delusion level is over 9000…
1:17:06 How would you feel if he stopped paying for everything?
1:17:52 Girl CAPS about Finessing with some hardcore mental gymnastics/monkey double backflips
1:19:05 Blue Jas’s WSHH video and discussion
1:30:01 There’s decisions and consequences
1:32:53 The truth is objective/Prostitution??
1:35:11 Never get into an agreement where someone benefits from breaking it
1:36:51 Was there a real agreement?
1:37:34 Superchats
1:38:07 Blue Jas’s man hates how she thinks (surprise surprise…)
1:39:31 Don’t ask women for dating advice/Female entitlement
1:41:25 Male and female strategies are adversarial
1:43:14 Superchats
1:46:11 Blue Jas gives her thoughts about the viral video
1:48:50 IG Smash or Pass (LOL!)
2:02:01 Last Thoughts/Outro
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