Alpaca Switches (October 2020 Molds) vs. other JWK Switches (Silk/Dry/T1)

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Figured I might as well put this together, since it's a topic that may potentially be covered. I hope this is of use.

Up Next: MOAR GENSHIN and probably a stream.

00:00 - Intro/Background Information
00:54 - Introducing the Switches We'll be Comparing Today
03:00 - Talking About Switch Sound Test Structure
04:04 - Beginning of Sound Tests (Alpaca/Silk/Dry/T1)
08:54 - Concluding Thoughts
09:27 - Endcards

On-Screen Recorder: GeForce Experience (Shadowplay?)
Camera: iPhone SE 2020
Microphone 1: iPhone SE 2020 Microphone
Microphone 2: FIFINE K669

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