World's Smallest MacBook Pro | DIY Mini Laptop Build | The Casual Engineer

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This is the world's smallest MacBook Pro (also known as the Macbook Mini). This DIY mini laptop build features a light-up Apple logo on the back of the screen. MagSafe power adapter/charger, and a USB 3.0 port! What more could you ask for? This DIY laptop build has been one of the more challenging projects I've undertaken due to how compact/small all of the parts were.

Benchmark: It runs Minecraft and Chrome without issue. :-)

Parts: I used a Raspberry Pi 4 to power this build and iRaspbian for the OS.

Insta: @the_casual_engineer
Twitter: TheCasualEngr

0:00 Intro
0:21 3D Model
0:52 Printing
2:21 Cutting
5:45 Painting
6:18 More Destruction
7:05 Keyboard fitting
7:42 Cable Splice
8:45 Final Paint
9:02 Hardware Install
11:33 Apple Logo
12:21 Covering Screws
13:13 Finished

Andrew Applepie - I'm So

Andrew Applepie - Sleeping Beauty

Andrew Applepie - Almost Winter

Johnny Rock - A Great Day

Corey Gagne - Faded
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