Why You Should Buy the iPhone 12 - In Some Cases

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Is the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, or the iPhone 12 Mini worth the upgrade from an older iPhone? How about from an Android? Let's talk about it.

So should you buy iPhone 12, 12 Pro (Max), or 12 Mini? While it may be intriguing because of the beautiful new design, Dolby Vision video, better camera with LiDar, Apple’s Super Retina XDR Display, 5G, the list goes on, in reality, the question of whether Apple’s new 2020 iPhones are worth the upgrade is highly dependent on which iPhone you are upgrading from.

If you have the iPhone X or above - it’s probably not worth the upgrade. Most of the new features are just improvements of features you already have on your iPhone. I would really wait for Apple to release a new phone with much more robust changes(unless you want the Mini of course, in which case go for it!).

However, if you have any iPhone older than an iPhone X - it’s definitely worth it. The processor is way better. The display is way better. The battery life is way better. It’s night and day.

Is it worth it to upgrade from an Android device? Only if you are upgrading purely for iOS. Flagship Android phones tend to have better hardware than iPhones, so it really isn’t worth it to upgrade to iPhone for something other than the OS.

Either way I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know if you have any questions!

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Upgrading from Newer iPhones - 0:26
Upgrading from Older iPhones - 1:39
iPhone Recap - 2:46
Upgrading from Android - 3:18

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