Vizio Elevate vs. Sonos Arc Soundbar System

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I compare the VIZIO Elevate and the Sonos Arc soundbar system and well there is a scoreboard. Both systems are American made and round-ish but quite different in philosophies. I talk about audio codecs, 3D audio, voice assistants, sound quality, build quality, usability and a lot more. Tons of details shared. Hope you enjoy.

Corrections / Additions:
- Elevate supports Dolby Vision (I recorded some how managed to leave it out of the video ... sowwwy)

3:35 Design and Build
8:44 Speaker Array
12:02 Setup Complexity
12:59 Codec Support
14:58 Sound Control
16:19 Ports and Inputs
20:16 Audio Streaming
21:25 Multi-room Audio
22:29 Voice Assistants
23:02 Controllers
24:21 Bar Display
26:08 Sound Quality
31:24 Sound Check
33:13 User Experience
37:04 Conclusion

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