User Review: Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX Case (2018) - Black

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Издатель - Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX Case (2018) - Black Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX Case (2018) - Black

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I was debating on getting this case. I’m glad I actually got it. Fits perfectly and has great kickstand. Best case I ever own.
Fits my iPhone XS Max perfectly and feels durable! This was a good buy. It does have a kickstand and a layer of protection covering the circle on the back of the phone to make sure your exposed apple logo doesn’t get scratched which is GREAT!!!
This is the best case I ever got! I had this case for my iPhone 6 Plus for many years. Once I got my new iPhone XS Max, I had to get the same case. That’s how much I love it! Very protective, not bulky, perfect fit.
Spigen is very reputed brand in cases. I would like to share my experience with this case in 2 sections.1. ProsVery solidNice gripLooks sturdy(dark black in my case)As per the prduct description2.
ConsMakes phone bulkySometimes the phone feelks like very huge in hand due to the extra toughness of the caseChallenging to remove the case from the phone when neededConclusion:If you keep your phone in back pocket or purse or have a child around you who can throw the phone when u r not around then it is the best thing for the price.My verdict:Its not a good fit for me as I dont want my phone to have that extra weight & size becoz of the case.I returned it purely based on my personal choice otherwise its a good product.
Excellent case. Buttons are responsive, glass screen protectors fit perfect and it offers great protection. I would highly recommend this case to anyone that needs a case with enough protection without being otter box defender big.
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Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX Case (2018) - Black

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