Tips How to Hide Safari on iPhone Home Screen

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hey everybody in this video I'm gonna show you how to hide safari browser from the home screen.
00:00 Intro
00:20 Trick start
00:48 After hide safari on home screen how to find safari on my iPhone
01:15 how to add safari on home screen on iPhone/ iPad
01:28 Outro

iOS 14 and later operating system iPhone and iPad user can hide any apps from the home screen.

in today's tutorial, I will teach you how to hide the Safari browser from the home screen dock.

Let's see how to do,

long press on the safari browser
a pop-up appear with numbers of options
choose to remove app
a tiny pop-up comes in the middle of the screen
ask you
remove safari?
Removing from home screen will keep the app in your app library.
Click on the remove from the home screen.
that's it.

now what?
how can I access the safari browser on my iPhone?
Let's see
swipe the home screen at the end
to access app library

from here you can find app either using app library search bar or alphabetically slider

navigate safari
and stay ready to welcome for the safari app.

tap on safari to open for web surfing.

Now ever you mind change and would like to put your browser back on the dock that comes by default system-wise.

just go to app library
long press on safari
Click on add to home screen
that's it.
you can see the safari browser icon come back on the dock.

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