Tim Apple Presents iPhone 12 Bro with 5G

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The new iPhone 12 Bro is here. Tim Apple gives us all the details in this featured-packed presentation. Four brand new colors – Smokestack, Soot, Soy Latte, and my personal favorite, Pacific Pollution Blue. These colors really represent what Apple is all about. A brand new wireless charging feature called MagSafe – 100% Electromagnetic Radiation Safe. A new generation of performance with the brand new 5G. These advanced technologies push the boundaries of innovation for users who want the most out of their iPhone. The new iPhone 12 Bro also comes with LiDAR. If you think your boyfriend isn’t telling you the full truth, just turn on the Bro’s LiDAR. And of course, it would be no surprise that the Bro comes with Face ID, Apple’s answer to facial recognition. Not only will the Bro keep your data safe, it will keep you safe! Apple have made a special exclusive deal with the CIA. All your data and personal information, as well as the personal information of all of your friends, will be securely stored on the CIA’s servers. That’s our gift to you. And that’s what the iPhone 12 Bro is all about. Brand new colors! MagSafe wireless charging technology! Ultra fast 5G! 100% safe! Face ID used in conjunction with the CIA. And all of this for only $999. Man, we’re practically giving it away. You’re welcome.

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Undeniable by Bobby Renz / Text Me Records (https://www.youtube.com/c/bobbyrenz)

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