The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, My Review

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Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro has been around a while. I get to unbox it and show it to you. I love it! I do show a quick comparison between the Brydge and the magic keyboard

If you want to purchase Apple’s Magic Keyboard, here’s the link:

If you want to purchase Brydge Keyboard, here’s the link:

Studio Gear I used for all my videos:

Camera 1: Canon Vixia G30

Camera 2: Canon T5i

Camera 3: Canon Vixia R800

Microphone: Rode NTG2 Shotgun

Wireless Audio: Rode Newsshooter Kit

Lighting: Aputure Amaran lighting kit

GreenScreen: Elgato Collapsible

Computer 15” Apple MacBook Pro:

Storage: Drobo 5D3

Monitor: 27” ViewSonic

Music & Video Clips from Storyblocks:

Music provided by Epidemic Sound (
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