Surface Duo | Microsoft, we have a problem

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Surface Duo | Microsoft, we have a problem

Today I go over a few issues I have been having with the Surface Duo. I show you proof via video of some of the bugs that still need to be squashed.

This is in no way a bashing video of the Surface Duo. I still enjoy the device and am going to wait for the software to be updated. This is a new device and things are always rocky at first,

0:00 - Intro
0:17 - Bug Explanation
0:59 - 1Password Bug
1:09 - Facebook Messenger Bug
1:26 - Glitchy Screen Bug
1:35 - Screen Black Out Bug
2:56 - Multi-Tasking Bug
3:29 - Battery Life Drain
6:21 - Outro

iPad Pro 12.9
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