Stop Dropping iPhone Battery Health | Kaise Badhaye Battery Health % ?

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iPhone Battery Health Percentage Dropping is the most common problem among the Apple Community, Everyone wants to maintain 100% battery health but they can't! but today I'm sharing extraordinary tricks for each iPhone model that will help users maintain their iPhone battery health percentages. if you follow this trick from the beginning, you will maintain the iPhone battery health percentage to 100%. Additionally, I shared a few more settings that drain most of the power in our daily routine, better to turn it OFF, and Few more incredible tricks that I use to maintain my iPhone battery health percentage. So after watching this video I'm Guaranteed that your iPhone health percentage will not drop further! All you need to do is to find your iPhone model and follow the criteria that I shared and charge your iPhone accordingly from today onwards! Thanks, me later in the Comments...Make sure to Like this video!
Time Stamps:-
00:00 - Intro
01:00 - iPhone Battery Health Explained
01:32 - Maintain iPhone Battery Health to100%
02:48 - iPhone Battery Charging Criteria
03:35 - iPhone 12 battery dropping fast
04:30 - Battery tips for Gamers
05:00 - Feedback from users who are using this trick!
05:34 - iPhone Battery saving tips
10:07 - iPhone charging method
10:22 - Increase iPhone Battery Health Percentage
11:08 - Outro
iPhone battery recalibration:
Additional Tricks that official Apple
Tech that I Personally use :--
Camera : iPad & iPhone (Not have any proper camera)
Mic : iPhone’s built in but sometimes :
Lighting: Natural Sun light
Editing Software: iMovie & LumaFusion
Thumbnail: Keynote & Procreate
iPad USB-C to Audio Jack:
iPad Case + Screen Protector:
Apple Pencil :
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Not available to buy!
iPhone Adapter:
iPhone Lightning to Audio Jack:
iPhone headphones :
iPhone Case + Screen Protector:
Storage SSD:
Studio Setup: Nothing Just a white Table
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