Scott Grant - Soluis - Democratising Digital Workflow

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Scott Grant of Soluis takes a look at workflow. With the ever-increasing complexity of model data and the digital workflows that they support, the need for clear communication has never been more important. Most of the persistent issues on projects arise from problems in translation or the inability of stakeholders to provide meaningful input early enough to influence outcomes.

Visualisation must continue to improve to embrace a next-level definition that reduces emphasis on passive media and replaces this with a reality-based experiential interaction that leaves no room for doubt during project dialogue. Areas of opportunity are: review of reality capture, concept design, planning, investor presentations, detailed design, 4D build planning, site monitoring, training, property marketing and leasing and operations.

In this short presentation Scott covers how Soluis have been able to provide numerous high profile projects with a next-level immersive review process and a platform for inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders that removes doubt, inspires confidence and accelerates decision-making.
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