Old Macbook Hard Drive Upgrade. Remember update "Startup Disk" in System Preferences fix slow boot.

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Disclaimer: Boring Video.
I think I've made this video before.. but hey.. why can't I make it again... .it's 2020.
This morning, I was tasked to upgrade the hard drive on my old macbook 2009. I was upgrading it to an ssd, but as usual.. after installing and running it for the first time... the boot took forever. Long story short:

Whenever upgrading the hard drive on your macbook/macbook pro (maybe even imac), please remember to choose a startup boot disk. It's easy:

Go to System Preferences
Go to Startup Disk
Go and click the lock icon to unlock this setting
Then click the hard drive you want to boot up at startup. You'll probably get a warning.
Finally, click the lock icon again to lock your changes.. and then restart!
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