Match Shapes with Matchstick Puzzles (Easy!) - free game for iPhone/iPad (first 2.5 level packs)

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Do you like to play with matchsticks? We mean matchstick puzzles of course.
We do. But we've never played with matchsticks on an iPad... so we decided to give this app a look.

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About the game:

A set (virtual) matchstick puzzles.

Solve the puzzle by removing/adding/moving matchsticks to obtain given number of shapes (e.g. remove 2 sticks to change 3 squares in to 4 squares). Follow the rules!

What we liked: the concept. Tons of fun matchstick puzzles (18 puzzle packs with 20 puzzles in each pack). Easy operation. Hints (although they are very expensive...)

Type: #matchsticks #puzzles #appysmarts

Original Appysmarts Score: 70/100
Platform: iPad/iPhone

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