Macbook Air M1 2020 Unboxing, Set Up and Review! Space Grey

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Watch M1 MacBook Air Unboxing, Set Up and Review!

For apple, 2020 is a historical year. They released Macs, for the first time, based on their own chip, their own apple silicon. The chip itself is called M1. The Macs released with this chip are MacBook Pro, Mac mini and MacBook Air. What is also new for this year's MacBooks, specially for MacBook Air, is that it doesn't have a fan! It is a finless design. So I decided it would be interesting to make video about this MacBook Air. So in this video, I will be unboxing, setting up and reviewing the all new MacBook Air M1 2020. I got the base version of it, with 7 core GPU, 8GB of RAM memory and also I decided to get 512 GB SSD storage model. The MacBook itself is in space grey colour. In the review part, I covered several things about this M1 MacBook Air, such as its performance, among us gaming, keyboard and lots more. So I hope you enjoy my unboxing, set up and review of MacBook Air M1, model of late 2020.

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