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I built the perfect ONE DESK setup for YouTube, podcasting, photo & production, and even gaming!

Special thanks to G-Drive for sending me the ArmorLock NVMe 2TB SSD for this build.
https://geni.us/ptarmorlockSSD (affiliate)

00:00 - Intro
00:23 - History & Context
01:59 - Lighting
02:53 - Charging
03:12 - Speakers
04:09 - Podcast Setup
04:52 - YouTube Setup
05:15 - Rigging and Mounts
06:13 - Peripherals
06:38 - Gaming
06:52 - How To Hide The Mac Mini
07:42 - Cable Management
08:09 - The Desk
08:46 - Sponsored Segment
10:24 - Conclusion

Main Build:
Mac Mini Shelf: https://geni.us/76AgE (affiliate)
Desk: https://geni.us/2a6S8ky (not an affiliate)
Monitor: https://geni.us/Ph28 (affiliate)
Speakers: https://geni.us/IXO81u (affiliate)
Wireless Charger: https://geni.us/cpjn7 (affiliate)
Keyboard: https://geni.us/ezv2 (affiliate)
Mouse: https://geni.us/HHOIER (affiliate)

YouTube Setup:
Light: https://geni.us/M83c8 (affiliate)
Softbox: https://geni.us/N5cK (affiliate)
Smart Plug: https://geni.us/FkJju2t (affiliate)
Light Stand: https://geni.us/i7L9Ahf (affiliate)
Fuji XS10: https://geni.us/B8T8RU (affiliate)
D3 Pro: https://geni.us/csBXtC (affiliate)
Magic Arm: https://geni.us/PxZWv (affiliate)

Podcast Setup:
RODE Procaster: https://geni.us/SN1SkvN (affiliate)
RODE Podmic: https://geni.us/DAJU (affiliate)
RODE PSA1: https://geni.us/IA26 (affiliate)
Laptop tray for mixer and mounting camera: https://geni.us/sA73O (affiliate)

Sign up for my Moment filmmaker workshop on sound! Now 28% off! https://www.shopmoment.com/lessons/so...

Best Fuji Cameras:
Fuji X-T3: https://geni.us/fujixt3PT (affiliate link)
Fuji X-T4: https://geni.us/fujiXT4pt (affiliate link)
Fuji X100: https://geni.us/fujifilmx100pt (affiliate link)
Fuji X100T: https://geni.us/fujix100tpt (affiliate link)
Fuji X100V (damn you fancy): https://geni.us/fujix100V (affiliate link)

My A-Roll Camera: https://geni.us/pocket4Kpt (affiliate link)
My favourite lights: http://aputure.com?aff=9 (affiliate link)
Best smartphone lenses and accessories: https://geni.us/ptmomentlenses
My favourite camera: https://geni.us/ptfavphotocamera (affiliate link)
My favourite video camera: https://geni.us/ptvideocamera (affiliate link)
My favourite sling bag: https://geni.us/ptmomentsling (affiliate link)
My favourite camera backpack: https://geni.us/brevitejumper
My voiceover mic: https://geni.us/rodemicpt (affiliate link)

Great Music:
http://share.mscbd.fm/impatrickt (ambassador link)
Listen to my podcast: http://pod.link/topcomment
Chat with me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/impatrickt
Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/impatrickt
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