Live Editing Sessions - Capture One - 5th November 2020

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It's competition launch day! You can enter to win a fully-paid upgrade to Capture One 21 on your perpetual license OR an entire year extension to your existing Capture One subscription!

For full details, head across to :-)

In today's session we started with a recap of the process of importing with lens profiles, as well as the method used to export an "EIP" package with adjustments (especially useful if you're entering the competition!)

We then move on to making an autumn mountain scene feel just at little bit more "rich", using luma ranges to pull out the details in the rocks on the horizon while maintaining the natural feel to the sky above and foliage in the foreground.

Moving on, we take a heavy crop to a reflection across a river, after using the straighten tool to level things up. A quick look into contrast tool differences, we then add some vignetting to bring the focus to the boats.

The next shot is a challenge based on how "busy" the HDR effect has left it feeling and how over-saturated two of the colour channels have become. Toning those down, along with a slight fall-off to the light towards the base of the image helps bring it under control.

And finally, a wildlife shot in tricky lighting - using the Linear Response curve to get back all our details from the highlights. Two crop variants give us some choice in how to present the image but it's the radial gradient mask that does the heavy work here, especially after rasterising it to take full control.

Join us for live editing in Capture One - with your own images.

We recommend requesting the HD option from YouTube for full 1440p screen captures.

Replay will be available in our Facebook Group and YouTube channel following the live stream.

To submit your image for a future session, head to for more info.

Recorded using Capture One Pro v20.1.3 / 13.1.3 on an Apple Mac Pro 16-core Xeon with 192GB memory, 2x Radeon Pro Vega II Graphics cards and 4TB SSD.

And don't forget, the discussion continues on our Behind The Scenes Facebook group:
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