Last Chance to Upgrade Your Macbook Air SSD upgrade | Macbook air 2017 SSD upgrade

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Looking to upgrade your macbook air storage space? If you have macbook air model 2017 and earlier, you might be in luck. Otherwise, just go to ebay and sell your macbook and get a new one for bigger storage. Just kidding*

You have been waiting to upgrade your MacBook Air SSD. It's 2019, they are still giving us 128GB SSD! Can't believe.

I have did some research and manage to find the adapter that could allow the MacBook Air model 2017 SSD to be upgraded. I leave the link below where you can obtain the adapter and also the NVME ssd that I got.

1. Sintech Adaptor for Nvme SSD M.2

2. Samsung 256GB NVME SSD M.2
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