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The iPhone X is the one that completely changed the whole iPhone experience.

It has a beautiful, timeless design despite it being 4-years-old at this point.

But is it any good for 2021? Let's find out.


The iPhone X has a very familiar design because we can still see it on iPhones as recent as the 11 Pro, it's kind of hard to distinguish between the two if you look at just the front, same notch and everything.

it has a pretty small form factor and it feels premium and sturdy because of its stainless steel build.

The back of the phone features the dual lens camera module and a glass finish that still looks great although not as good looking as the frosted glass panel on the 11 Pro, but still looks great, and the only downside could be the potentially visible fingerprints. That problem, of course, disappears if you use a case.

This specific model doesn’t feel outdated at all. In fact, if you’re not a complete Apple fanboy/girl, using something like the iPhone X may not feel much different than an iPhone 11 or 12 on day to day use.


The iPhone X comes with A11 Bionic, which to me was when the iPhone started getting crazy powerful, they were always powerful, but this was something else.

Now, the A11 Bionic isn’t extraordinary by today standards, but still powerful enough to handle most apps and tasks.

It comes with 3Gb of ram and it has a pretty decent performance on day to day use, to the point that you wouldn't be able to tell that this is a 4 year old phone.

So yeah, don't expect top performance when doing some heavy lifting like video editing or something like that, but the A11 Bionic should be more than enough for regular use.

It's also worth mentioning that the iPhone X comes with FaceID instead of touchID which is great because it's faster and simpler, not in a pandemic of course, but still.

Apple is well-known for supporting their devices for years. For example — the iPhone 6s, which released in 2015, is compatible with the newly announced iOS 15. That’s 6 years of worth of updates.

So I'm quite positive that the iPhone X still has a few good years left in it.


The iPhone X was the first iPhone ever to feature an OLED display, which was a MASSIVE upgrade from previous generations.

This OLED display is still extremely good, and when you compare it to all the other iPhones that have come out since the iPhone X: it's hard to notice difference. 

Although the displays have gotten a little bit brighter, It's still hard to notice. You have to compare side by side to really see it.

This is one of the things on the iPhone X where you can actually expect top performance.

And the display is actually better than the LCD displays on the iPhone 11 and XR.

If you watch movies on your phone, play video games or pretty much anything you do on this iPhone is gonna look great with a display like this one.


The iPhone X comes with a 12MP dual camera system, which features the regular wide angle camera and the telephoto camera.

And for the vast majority of people out there this camera is okay.

Of course it's not the best and not even close.

You can really see the difference if you compare this camera with a more recent iPhone like the 11 or 12.

But with the right lightning conditions, this camera is good.

When it comes to video capabilities, it can shoot 4K at 60FPS, which is amazing, to say the least.

You also have things like Portrait Mode for capturing framed shots of people and objects, where the background is blurred out.

On the front, you have a 7MP camera that can be used for selfies and video-calling. Performance here is decent but don't expect too much from this camera because it does have some limitations, but overall, decent performance.


Well... YES

The iPhone X has aged really well, and if you’re on the market looking for a new phone and you don't want to spend a lot of money, the iPhone X is now very cheap to buy.

You’ll get the modern iPhone-styling and stuff like FACE ID and a still powerful processor, which, despite its years, will still be more than enough for most users.

And the fact that the iPhone X can now be picked up for around $300 refurbished.

So.. yes, the iPhone X is still well worth a look in 2021, providing you understand that it is four years old, and the camera is nowhere near as good as what you get on the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12.

But still decent.

If you can live with this, the iPhone X at $300 or less is basically a steal.


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