iPhone vs Galaxy 2021!

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IPhone vs Galaxy 2021! In this video we will look at Apple iPhone in 2021 vs Samsung Galaxy in 2021 to help you decide Apple or Samsung and which is right for you. Apple iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 are the two latest smartphones from each brand!

Apple iPhones run the proprietary Apple iOS software and Samsung Galaxy runs the proprietary One UI skin over the top of Android software. If you have either of these or both of these phones, please consider sharing down below in the comments which you think is the better offering in 2021!

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Video chapters:

Introduction and battery life: 0:00-1:47
Which is easier to use: 1:48-4:24
Software updates: 4:25-6:14
Performance, which is better: 6:15-8:23
Durability, which is more durable: 8:24-9:43
Photography and video results: 9:44-12:59
Display quality which is better: 13:00-15:09
Storage, which is the better pick: 15:10-15:54
Communications. mobile performance, Audio: 15:55-16:59
Ecosystem: 17:00-18:53
Biometrics security: 18:54-19:28
Conclusion, which is better mid 2021: 19:29-21:22
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