iphone SE (1st generation) with IOS 14 ||

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iOS 14 on iPhone SE How Does it Run? Hello
all and welcome to this video update on the
2016 iPhone SE on Apple's latest iOS 14. In
this video, we take a look at the performance
of the 2016 Apple iPhone SE with Apple A9
chip on developer beta 1 version of iOS 14.
The iPhone SE features a 4" Retina display,
A9 CPU, 2GB of ram, and iOS 14 DB 1.
The intentions of this video is to help you
understand how the device is going to perform
for you this year if you decide to keep this
model. If you have the 2016 Apple iPhone SE,
please consider sharing the experience that
you have had with the community below in
the comment section of this video. As always,
thank you for watching and be sure to well and
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