iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro | In Depth Review (vs 11 + 11 Pro)

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iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro | In Depth Review (vs 11 + 11 Pro)

In this video we'll be taking a look at everything that's new with the phones, all of the differences between them and whether you should upgrade. It's a long one, so check out the timestamps below if you want to skip! My full iPhone 12 Mini and Pro Max reviews are coming very soon - leave any questions you want answered in the comments section!

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- Design: 1:07
- Displays: 5:21
- Rear cameras: 8:56
- Night mode: 11:53
- Portrait mode/tele: 13:06
- Video/Dolby Vision: 14:43
- Front camera: 16:37
- Performance/5G: 19:12
- Battery/charging/MagSafe: 22:25
(I've since gotten MagSafe charging times of ~ 2 h 19 min - big improvement!)
- Prices/which should you buy?/upgrading: 24:49

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My thoughts on Apple removing the wall adapters:

Here's a link to one of my favourite fast chargers - Anker Nano:
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iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Review:

Apologies for the poor audio in this one - i'm between studios at the moment. I'm working on fixing it now!

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