iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Galaxy S21 Ultra In-Depth Review | Which is the Best Smartphone?

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iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Galaxy S21 Ultra In-Depth Review

These are the two best smartphones on the market right now. The best iPhone vs the best Android. But which one is better? This in-depth video will compare all of the specs and features (including a full camera comparison) to find out! Use the time stamps if you want to skip! Are you TeamiOS or TeamAndroid?

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- Intro: 0:00
- Design: 0:38
- Ergonomics: 2:16
- Durability: 2:54
- Displays: 3:54
- Face ID vs ultrasonic fingerprint scanner: 6:04
- Main camera: 7:15
- Ultra wide: 8:13
- 12 MP vs 108 MP sensor: 8:38
- HDR & tricky lighting: 9:20
- Portrait mode: 10:02
- Night mode: 10:35
- Front cameras: 11:59
- Tele lens / zoom: 13:08
- Macro: 14:08
- Video: 14:29
- Dolby Vision HDR vs 8K: 15:14
- Camera summary: 15:55
- Performance: 16:31
- Connectivity: 17:17
- Storage & RAM: 17:33
- Software: 18:05
- Battery / charging: 19:30
- Prices / summary: 21:36

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iPhone 12 Pro Max Full Review:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Full Review:

Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max:
https://amzn.to/3rMvrja (Amazon U.S.)
https://amzn.to/3vrwYNR (Amazon U.K.)

Buy Galaxy S21 Ultra:
https://amzn.to/3tnuu0P (Amazon U.S.)
https://amzn.to/3tg3joT (Amazon U.K.)

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