iPhone 12 Mini Cant believe how tiny & light weight it is!

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This is a full indepth review of the latest iphone 12 mini this phone rightfully deserves the title of the smallest & the lightest 5G flagship level smartphone of 2020, apple really nailed it for the price point. I have shown every single aspect of this phone including the cost, comparison with other models of iphone 12 line up, unboxing, specs, features, camera test, battery test & my final verdict. I have even compared this iphone 12 mini to the iphone se 2020 to give you a perspective of how tiny this is. Watch the video till the end if you are in the market for an iphone as this video is packed with a lot of details. Hope you like this video. Please like & share this video as much as you can, also comment down bellow your thoughts about this phone.

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