iOS 12.5.4 Speed / Performance and Battery Test

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iOS 12.5.4 was released by Apple June 15th, just about a
48 days after the release of iOS 12.5.3. As we all know
12.5.3 introduced security updates and bug fixes, and now
with 12.5.4 it should fix some more of the same, more
security updates and also hopefully some bug
fixes and stability fixes. Not much else is mentioned
by Apple, so do not expect anything mind blowing. But not
to leavea release out in the cold I will run as I always do on
these devices a speed test and a side by side battery
drain test, just to see if there are something terrible
to report. So let's get going.

Remember to subscribe, studies show that subscribers iPhones are
faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.

How Geekbench works :

Geekbench 4 battery scores measure the battery life of a device when running processor-intensive applications. It provides a consistent workload to the device, and generates a Geekbench score by evaluating the amount of work that it is able to do while the battery is discharging and the amount of time it takes for the battery to discharge.

The battery benchmark can be run in Full Discharge mode, from 100% to 0% battery level, to provide a high level of confidence in a device's battery performance. The battery benchmark can also be run in Partial Discharge mode, for 3 hours. If the battery benchmark is stopped after 10 minutes, by the user or by the battery reaching 0%, then the result will be saved and can be uploaded. Battery benchmark scores gathered by any method except the Full Discharge mode provide a medium level of confidence in a device's battery performance, and longer tests are more reliable.

When comparing scores, remember that higher scores are better, and double the score indicates double the performance.

iPhone 5S 00:00
iPhone 6 07:59
Battery Test 14:58

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