I Used 20+ Clear iPhone 12 Cases - Here's Are My Top Picks

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So you have a colorful iPhone BUT hate the fact that most cases will cover up the color you spent hours choosing? Well, go with a clear case! Out of my collection of 80+ cases, about 1/4 of them are clear and I talk about the Top 10 in this video.

Now I personally am not a big fan of most clear cases as the reduced handling and increased "greasiness" of the clear back doesn't do it for me. But that's a personal opinion and I'm a reviewer, not an influencer so for the cases in this Top 10 list, we've weighted the protection, design and functionality of the cases equally.

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Here's the Top 10 (and affiliate links):

1. Casetify Ultra Impact - https://mreh.ca/3eNKmDV
2. Catalyst Influence - https://mreh.ca/32r1NFs
3. Mous Clarity - http://mreh.ca/GetAMous
4. Ghostek Atomic Slim 3 - https://mreh.ca/3gfn4aR
5. Rhinoshield MOD NX - https://mreh.ca/Rhinoshield
6. FLOLAB Taffyca - "MRE10" @ https://www.flolab.io (I think this code still works)
7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid - https://mreh.ca/37Jfq4w
8. Supcase Unicorn Beetle EXO - https://mreh.ca/3lSdBqV
9. Ringke Fusion X - https://mreh.ca/3lUtkWQ
10. Cyrill Color Brick - https://mreh.ca/2JV7ipg

In this grouping, the thinnest case is going to be the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. If you're looking for something thinner, check out the Caudabe Lucid Clear or even the Apple Clear Case.

In this video:

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