How to use wired internet on iPad Pro 2020 - USB C to Ethernet Adapter

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USB C to Ethernet
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Connecting an iPad to the internet using an ethernet cable - USB C Ethernet Adapter

In this video I'm showing how to connect an Apple iPad Pro 2020 to the internet using a cable to connect to my internet router modem.

The process is simple. Just connect the USB C to ethernet adapter to the USB C socket on your iPad, this can be an iPad Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2018 or the new iPad Air 4 2020.

You will then see a new option in settings, Ethernet. This means that the iPad has recognised the ethernet adapter.

Then you connect an ethernet cable, also called a cat5 cable or internet cable, into the ethernet socket on the USB C to Ethernet adapter.

Finally, plug the other end of you ethernet cable into your router. In my example I use a small 5 port switch to plug my internet ethernet cable into, this switch then plugs into my internet router modem.

You are now all connected up to the internet using a cable to your router modem for your iPad.

Connecting an ipad or iphone to the internet using an ethernet cable.
How to connect your Iphone or Ipad to ethernet.
How to use Wired Internet ( Ethernet ) on Apple iPhone / iPad.
Wired Internet (Ethernet) on Apple iPad.
How To Use Ethernet On New iPad Pro.
Internet on iPad using ethernet cable - now with power in new easy method - no wifi or mobile data!

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