How to Get FREE WiFi Anywhere on iPhone/Android - Free Wifi App Reveal Passwords

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Hey guys, if you're wondering how to get free wifi anywhere then you've come to the right vid. I'm about to share a special method of getting free wifi that is really easy to do and also incredibly effective.

In fact, up till now this has been a closely guarded secret with only a select few being able to use it.

The way we are able to get free wifi is by intercepting the data pockets that every network sends when connected to a device.

By exploiting a common loophole found in most devices we're able to unlock almost all wifi networks out there.

Through painstaking effort we've condensed this entire process into a mobile app that gives you the ability to unlock almost any network with just a few clicks.

This is currently working and is expected to work for the whole of 2021 and beyond.

Now remember there are a couple of rules and pointers that you have to take note off which I'll explain in detail in the video, be sure to follow the steps that I've shown you in the vid and you'll be well on your way to stop paying for Wifi forever.

By the way, the app works for both iOS and Android, but you'll be able to use it for all other devices as well simply because once a network is unlocked you'll get the wifi network's password as well.

So there you have it, I've shown you how to get free wifi anywhere so you can literally start enjoying it right now. If you found this video helpful, remember to like, share and subscribe to my channel.
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