How to Enable Camera on Snapchat iPhone! Fix Can’t allow Snapchat to Access camera on iOS 14 in 2020

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0:40 how to Enable Camera snapchat on iPhone using Snapchat Settings in iOS (Fix Oops! Snapchat is a camera app! to continue, you'll need to allow camera access in settings.)
The trick for All iOS 14 running iPhone XR, 11 Pro max, XS Max, XS, X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S Plus, iPhone SE 2020, and earlier iOS 13 running iPhone 6, 5S, iPad.
01:20 Access Camera Snapchat on iPhone using Privacy Settings
02:04 Update Snapchat App to fix cant access camera Snapchat iPhone
02:50 Fix Unable to access Camera we could not access your camera please remove any restrictions on the camera to use Snapchat.
04:02 Enable Photos Access Snapchat camera iPhone (Snapchat requires Photos access to let you use your Camera roll within the App.)
04:21 Enable Photos Access using Privacy settings on iPhone
04:55 Remove Photos restrictions for Snapchat on iPhone
05:45 Clear Snapchat App Cache on iPhone to fix snapchat camera black screen issue
06:43 How to Force close Snapchat app on iPhone
06:52 Restart iPhone to fix Snapchat camera not working
07:30 Make Free up Storage Space on your iPhone - if Snpacaht camera back screen issue or Snpacaht App Won't update in iOS.
07:58 Check Software update if iPhone camera won't allow accessing Snapchat
08:19 Turn Off Low Power Mode to Enable Snapchat Camera black screen issue iPhone
08:55 Reset Location and Privacy to get Snapchat would like to access camera pop-up on iPhone, iPad
09:35 Delete and Re-install Snapchat App to Fix Can’t allow Snapchat to access the camera on iPhone
10:10 Contact Snapchat App Developer and send feedback.
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There are many users who found that clear Snapchat app cache and simple restart the Phone helped to fix cant access Snapchat camera on iPhone. because of the low storage space problem.

lets we look on it how to do that
open the snapchat app and then tap on user profile icon appear upper left side corner then click on the setting icon and scroll the screen all down
now click on Clear cache that appears under the account actions
on the clear cache page
tap on clear all
a popup will appear and will ask you that all of your caches will be cleared, and Snapchat will restart. your memories backup won't be deleted.
tap on clear.
that's it.
now wait and pop up will come so tap on Okay.
and open Snapchat from the home screen. And hope you got the camera access in the Snapchat app.
this one is im showing you how to force close App on your iPhone. for example how to force quit Snapchat on iPhone.
another thing is to restart your Apple iPhone
for iPhone that not come with the physical home button can reset by pressing and holding a finger on the power and volume up keys.
till the slide to power off kay appear on the screen. now drag the slider to the right side from the left. and your phone will restart.
the trick to restart iPhone with the physical home button press and hold on the home button and power buttons till the on-screen appear slide to power off. not drag the slide to power off to restart your iPhone.
if none of the work then check your iPhone storage if not ample space on your local storage on iPhone then make free up space to run app smooth and error-free.
open the Settings app
scroll the screen and tap general now click on iPhone storage to check out how much space on-board on your iPhone.
now click on software update and wait till your phone software version appear on-screen.

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