How To Disable In App Rating And Reviews In IPhone X

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Hello friends,
This video contains iPhone tutorial of How To Disable In App Rating And Reviews In IPhone X, or To disable in-app ratings and review requests on your iPhone or iPad:
See the full video to know more.
This video is for those who are new to iPhone.
There are so many function on the iPhone that new iPhone users do not need to know all these functions so we made this video. Contained in this video how to edit, how to change, how to remove, how to enable , how to disable , how to save , how to set or how can i do settings in iphone?.

Included contents in this video -:
1.How do I turn off in-app reviews?

2.How do I turn off rating notifications?

3.Can you disable reviews on app store?

4.How do I turn off app approval on iPhone?

5.How to Turn Off In App Rating And Reviews In IPhone X

6.How to Deactivate In App Rating And Reviews In IPhone X

7.How to Disable In App Rating And Reviews In IPhone X

IPhone Tutorial for:
This Mobile and IOS 14.0 And Above (But Basic functions are same)
01.iPhone 4s
02.iPhone 5s
03.iPhone 5c
04.iPhone 5s
05.iPhone 6s Plus
06.iPhone 7
07.iPhone 7 Plus
08.iPhone 8 Plus
09.iPhone X
10.iPhone XR
11.iPhone XS Max
12.iPhone 11 Pro Max
13.iPhone 12 Mini
14.iPhone 12 Pro Max
15.iPhone 3GS
16.iPhone 4 CDMA
17.iPhone 13 Pro
18.iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G
19.iPhone 14 Pro 5G
20.iPhone 15 Pro Max 5G
21.iPhone 16 Pro Max 5G
22.iPhone 17 Pro Max 5G
23.iPhone 18 Pro Max 5G
24.iPhone 19 Pro Max 5G
25.iPhone 20 Pro Max 6G
26.iPhone 21 Pro Max 6G
27.iPhone 22 Pro Max 6G
28.iPhone 23 Pro Max 6G
29.iPhone 24 Pro Max 6G
30.iPhone 25 Pro Max 6G

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