How to Delete/Remove Gmail Account in iphone - Sign out of Gmail From iphone Mail App 2020

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This tutorial is about how to sign out of iphone mail.

Here i show the steps by using my 2020 released iphone se,and which is operated in the operating system of ios 13.

But also works on ios 12 operating systems,and this os is installed in iphone 5s,iphone 6,iphone 6s,6 plus,iphone 7,7 plus,iphone 8,8 plus,iphone 10,iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro max.

Some other working models are iphone x,iphone xr and iphone xs max.

But if you log out your google email by using apple ipad,may be this trick not working.

At same time if you signout your icloud account by without password is entered,there is not possible to stop this service.

This video has english subtitle at same time tamil,hindi,telugu and malayalam region people's are can easily understand it.


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how to delete gmail account on iphone :

1.If you want to remove your google account from your iphone device just follow me friends.

2.Just open your settings menu and goto "Passwords & Accounts".

3.Here you can locate that gmail and simply tab on it.

4.But if you deactivate your gmail id,all of your contacts,calendars,mail and notes are may be removed.

5.So before going to do that process,just remind this one message.

6.And also click to enable all the features.

7.Finally you can click to "Delete Account" option,and then it ask for confirmation,so you can choose "Delete from My iphone".

8.Once my google id is deleted with in this list,i try to check it.

9.By simply access my iphone's mail app.

10.So here it ask for sign in process,and it has icloud,yahoo,microsoft exchange and outlook.

11.So if you want to reactivate your profile,just select any one of them.

12.This is the way you can easily logout your gmail in iphone mailbox.

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