How The Original Apple Watch Changed The World | 24 Hours with Apple Watch Series 0 in 2021

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This original Apple Watch Series 0 was a flawed first gen product. It was slow, had terrible battery life & a confused UI. But its legacy was far greater. It brought smartwatches mainstream, started a wearable health revolution...and brought to life the 75 year old dream of turning us into Dick Tracy.


The original first generation Apple Watch (Series 0) was a study in contradictions. A timepiece that only told the time for 18 hours a day. A computer on your wrist, that was harder and slower to use than the computer in your pocket. And an item of fashion that would be outdated, not by style, but by software.

But despite those first generation flaws, it opened our eyes to the power and potential of Apple’s wearable tech – not only quickly becoming the number one smartwatch in the world, but in just a matter of years outselling the entire Swiss watch industry itself.

Released back in 2015, to relive the experience of this original Apple Watch Series 0 on its sixth anniversary – I’m going to spend the next 24 hours with this somewhat flawed game-changing device and see how much the hardware and software laid the path for how we use smartwatches today. And is it worth it today in 2021? Start the clock.


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