Change These iPhone 12 Settings Immediately

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David and David show you iPhone 12 settings to change immediately. These settings will help you save battery life, which is especially important as it's Apple's first 5G iPhone.

We'll also help you increase your personal privacy, improve your experience with the camera, and more!

1. Optimize Your 5G Cellular Settings [0:25]
2. Optimize Battery Charging [1:35]
3. Turn On Dark Mode [2:03]
4. App Store Automatic Downloads [2:39]
5. Save Headaches With USB Accessories [4:19]
6. Optimize Photos For 5G [5:06]
7. Essential Camera Settings [5:50]
8. Turn Off EQ To Save Battery [6:44]
9. Prevent Websites From Tracking You [7:10]
10. Super Important! The Privacy Section Of The Settings App [7:38]
11. Dive Into Location Services [8:03]
12. Analytics & Improvements [10:18]
13. Limit Apple Advertising [10:33]
14. Turn Off In-App Ratings & Reviews [10:58]

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