Beginners Guide To iPhone 13 - How To Use The iPhone 13 Pro Max Tutorial

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Welcome to the beginners guide to the iPhone 13 Pro Max where you will learn how to use the iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 and Mini. This video tutorial is for anyone who is new to iOS or Apple Phones and is looking to learn the basics. The channel is full of more great iPhone tutorials that can also help you get more from your iOS 15 Device so be sure to check out the rest of the videos.

iPhone 13 Tutorials, Tips And Tricks Series

Siri Tutorial
How To Create Custom Ringtones
How To Use The iPhone 13 Pro Camera
Battery Saving Tips

Chapters How To Use The iPhone 13 Tutorial
00:00 Intro iPhone 13 Tutorial For Beginners
00:59 How To Turn On The iPhone 13
01:20 How To Organize Apps & Widgets
01:52 How To Delete iPhone Apps
02:35 How To Put iPhone Apps In Folders
03:53 How To Add Widgets To Home Screen
05:34 How To Download iPhone Apps
06:33 How To Create An Apple ID Account
08:20 How To Silent The iPhone 13
10:12 How To Turn Off The iPhone 13 Pro
10:58 Low Power Mode
11:49 How To Use Control Center On iPhone 13
13:31 How To Lock Orientation On iPhone 13 Pro
14:22 How To Turn On/Off Dark Mode
15:48 How To Turn On iPhone Flash Light
16:03 iPhone Settings Tutorial
17:36 How To Change Ringtone On iPhone 13
20:10 Display And Brightness and Auto-Lock
21:32 How To Change Wallpaper on iPhone 13
23:43 How To Setup Face ID On iPhone 13 Pro
26:15 Multitask and App Switcher
27:12 How To Setup Privacy Settings On iPhone 13 Pro
29:28 App Store Settings
31:06 Emergency SOS Options
33:15 Intro To The Camera

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