Augmented Reality using Oculus Quest 2 and iPhone!

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Record VR gameplay with an augmented reality effect using your Quest 2 or 1 and your iPhone! - no green screen, PC, or web cam! Featured game - Space Slurpies!

Most of the installation process is the same as the process described in my Mixed Reality recording tutorial:

"Reality Mixer" was developed by Fabio Dela Antonio! Follow him and his app on Twitter and on Youtube:
Fabio Dela Antonio Youtube -
Reality Mixer on Twitter:
Featured games by Fabio:
Beat Saber:
Space Slurpies:

Technical requirements:
- An iPhone/iPad with A12 chip or better (iPhone XR or newer; check the chip in your iPad model to see if it’s compatible)
- iOS 14 or newer (not working on Android)
- 5 GHz WiFi

Required software:
Oculus MRC Calibration app:

Reality Mixer app (App Store):

Detailed instructions:

List of compatible games:

Tutorial by Fabio:


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