apple watch series 6 unboxing + first impressions (fitness tracking, productivity)

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hope you guys are doing well, whether you are still in school or on holiday break! my winter break lasts a little more than a month till the middle of January, and so far the first few days I've been catching up on a lot of shows and calling friends I've missed :)
it's been a good healing time for me to take a break, and i am in a much better mindset to film and create better content for you guys! feel free to comment videos you'd like to see, whether study-related or not. I'm also planning to add more bookish content in my vlogs since you guys said you'd like to see that and i'll definitely have a lot of time to catch up on my book list over the break (^~^)/
sending warm thoughts,

also just to clarify: in no way are apple watches necessary for productivity, or something you need to be a successful or happy student. they are a useful accessory for some, but totally unnecessary if you don't have a use for them. :)
having said that, i love my watch, and having it has helped me become a lot more active in the past few weeks since i started using it. i've also become more aware of my sleep and health in ways i didn't notice before. feel free to share your own experiences with the watch if you have it down below, positive or negative, as i think it'd be helpful for other people to read as well.

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