Apple Watch Hermès (Series 6) - Is it value for money?

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Apple Watch HERMES (Series 6) - Is it worth $1250? Or are you just paying for the Hermès brand and the Hermès band?

Apple Watch Series 6 Hermès is a at a premium of $850 compared to Apple Watch Series 6 base model (at $399). Hermès is one of the most luxurious expensive brands in the world.

Compared to the base model Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Hermès has the following benefits:
- Stainless Steel version with cellular
- Hermès Apple Watch Sports Band
- Hermès Main Leather Band
- Hermès Branding

We provide our overall verdict and a clear recommendation at the end of the video.

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0:00 Price of Apple Watch Hermès (Series 6)
0:52 $850 premium over Apple Watch Series 6 base model
1:10 Apple Watch Hermès Series 6 - what's beyond the base model?
3:55 How does the cost and price stack up?
4:52 Overall Verdict: Is it value for money?
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